Thursday , January 20 2022

Fast diet to lose 2 cilos: fish and vegetables


The fast 3-day diet It can lose you up to 2 kilometers when eating a variety of healthy foods to your body. In the daily menu there are milk, fish and many vegetables and fruits. This is the three-day diet plan.

Monday: Breakfast with a glass of partly skimmed milk (100 g), coffee to taste, teaspoon of sugar and brush. As an alternative to coffee, you can choose tea or barley to taste, with a teaspoon of sugar and two rushes. Midnight snack: kiwi, or low fat yoghurt of 125g. Lunch: tuna in drained oil (80g), along with tomatoes or salad or string beans and 40g of bread. Snack: 10 gr. from dark chocolate or dangers. Lunch: 130gr. chicken breast, mixed green salad or zucchini, has been stirred with a teaspoon of added olive oil, plus 40 g of bread.

Alternative to tuna for lunch It could also be 150 g of steamed potatoes, 200 g of rash pepper and roasted with crude oil and a little salt, 70 g of ricotta. For lunch, you could also choose vegetable soup and 50g of ham, instead of chicken breast. Tuesday: the same breakfast and snack on Monday. Lunch: 60 gr. from light sprayable cheese, salad of tomatoes and 40gr. or fara. Afternoon Meredna: 10 gr. o dark or orange chocolate. Lunch: 140 gr. fish, mixed green salad or zucchini with a teaspoon of oil and with 40 gr of bread.

Wednesday: breakfast and snack morning as Monday. Dinner: egg, tomatoes or salad or beans to taste, with a teaspoon of olive oil plus 40 g of bread. Meredna: seasonal or herbal fruit. Lunch: 125gr. from light mozzarella with mixed green salad or zucchini with a teaspoon of oil and 40 g of bread. As we always do in the diets published on our website, we recommend consultation with your doctor or specialist before starting any diet. It is also important to follow a diet that is made based on the type of life that you are leading, age and beyond. This diet is not suitable for those suffering from diabetes, other diseases and pregnant women.

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