Wednesday , July 6 2022

"Even pain needs to rest"


Sandra Milo, the celebrity actress Federico Fellini's showgirl game, which was a guest on Monday 5th November of the Rai 1 talk show held by Caterina Balivo, "Come on", where she had her private and artistic life, included a lot of joy but also so much Peppers that led her to the entertainment world for a long time.

The actor is one of the few actors that embodies and represents the most beautiful and representative years of an Italian cinema, when Cinecittà was short point of reference is very important for the production of new film products, signed and marked by the presence of directors such as Federico Fellini, but also actors such as Alberto Sordi, Vittorio Gassmann and many other people.

Sandra Milo is told with an open heart

Full life, beautiful but at times also very unhappy to Sandrocchia, who has won many professional awards, but also married her and her victim's witchcraft wires. And Ottavio's ex-husband really says that the Milo says: "It's hard to talk about these things. I do not want to accuse anyone, but I am afraid that my children do not grow up without their father close. "

The Milo admitted to naive air with Ottavio he has no further relationship for years and he does not even know where: "Ottavio is a boy, and he does not feel responsible for paternity. He left me with three children to grow up. Fortunately, I have many friends that have been close to it, I have to say thank you Maurizio Costanzo"- then he continues -" Now I do not even know where he lives, he lives his life ".

The story of Milo is gradually being made is moving increasingly: "It seems that even the children have not seen it for a long time. Azzurra, our daughter, is tired of waiting for him. Even pain needs to rest"In fact, Ciro and Azzurra are two sons Ottavio De Lollis, even if the first daughter, Deborah Ergas's journalist, has always been very close to him.

Sandra Milo still feels pressure and responsibility to support her children financially, who still find a lot of their generation need their parents' help. But we know happiness is something that can also be achieved by making happiness and making others feel good, and in this Sandra Milo it was very good.

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