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European: 5 unrepresented including Berlusconi and Tatarella – News


According to the parliamentary anti-mafia commission, there are five highly representative; as it's called the European elections next Sunday: one is a candidate with Casapound and the others with Forza Italia. Among the latter, Silvio Berlusconi and Pietro Tatarella. According to the self-regulatory code, non-compliant applicants are concerned with topics sent back to trial or with a current trial – for Forza Italia – for Silvio Berlusconi, charged. of corruption in judicial proceedings and with an ongoing debate in the court of Rome and Milan; Giovanni Paolo Bernini, who was sentenced in March by the Court of Bologna Court for corruption and for an act contrary to office duties and a prescription for excessive induction to give the promised benefits; Salvatore Cicu, defendant for money laundering and with constant debate. The situation is different to Pietro Tatarella, in prison and part of the investigation into bribes in Milan. The second has appealed to the Court of Review and is awaiting the outcome. For this reason it is called 'sub iudice'; by the Antimafia commission. Instead, Emanuela Florino, from Casapound in Italy, is accused of undermining societies and armed gangs and with an ongoing debate.

I took 200 million votes during my political career and I'll take millions more … ". Silvio Berlusconi, Speaking on the straight and inverse transfer on Rete 4, we refuse to the sender the list of the 5 representable compiled by the Anti-Mafia Commission which also includes the Cav. In the trial "Rubi one I was acquitted with a full formula", the former prime minister who asked "I did favor the mafia?" being answered – that he had done more than me against the mafia during this period, 32 of the 34 most sought-after refugees and seized assets for 25 billion were caught and given in prison …. ".

"Antimafa Commission President Nicola Morra declared Berlusconi unrepresented three days before the vote. It should only be ashamed". This was noted, in a statement, by deputy Forza Italia Jole Santelli, vice president of the antimafia commission. "Adding Santelli – another unconstitutional persecution against a politician who, at the exact legal level, has been restored. Political action against Berlusconi by the Cinquestelle" t



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