Monday , October 3 2022

Enrico Papi lays out against Mediaset and Simona Ventura: "Redoing Pupa and Nerd are without me wrong"


Enrico Papi She does not tell her to say, the leader will take it this time Mediaset guilty of "resume The Pupa to Secchione with other presenters. It's wrong", He said in an interview to Blog, and it does not even save Simona Ventura. The presenter, after success Temptation Island Vip, only in the position of the pole for running the program, which was previously trusted to Papi, broadcast in March on Italy 1.

"I do not think Simona can agree to run a program that I'm doing, that's the way I wanted to do Island of the famous. She's very well, very well in programs with celebrities, but The Pupa to Secchione I've invented have adapted with Simona Ercolani. There is nothing to invent, just reconstruct something designed by others. We had already offered the Pupi and Secchione to Mediaset. It's very wrong, it's probably when Mammucari did again sarabande, another program born with me. Not just the leader, but the creator. It's a mistake", Having said on TV8 face.

In fact the program did not have to invent by Papi but it's about thiscustomize of "Beauty and the Geek" format, for the first time in the United States in 2005. The chief managers of Cologno Monzese would have offered him the conduction: "Mediaset called me but I can not do it in Sky. It would have a chance to lose Simona and Mediaset experience new things, format too. Why do you have to rebuild something designed by someone else? There are a lack of ideas and courage to experiment. The public will notice. "

Only Popes will lead TV8 the new edition of The Record Show, not an unpublished program coming from Mediaset, and will continue its first-time commitment to gain access to Guess my age, the quiz associated with the identity as The usual unknown o Rai1. Repeat Will Biscione to Ventura i Papi?

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