Tuesday , May 17 2022

Elisa Isoardi concerned, what will she do?


What will happen after Dancing with the Stars to Elisa Isoardi? According to the weekly Oggi, the unexpected events for the former La Prova del Cuoco host are not over yet.

elisa isoardi moved

Per Elisa Isoardi it was not a particularly happy year for his career. After closing the Cook’s Test in June participation in dancing with the Starshowever, characterized by misfortunes and injuries to her and her dance partner Raimondo Todaro. Now the final, the chance to win it too, but later?

For Elisa, the shots may not be over yet. The promised delivery of Check it up, the on medicine, health and well-being, airing every Saturday morning, may no longer begin in January. Why is still a mystery but it certainly wouldn’t be good news for Isoardi.

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Will Elisa find happiness with Raimondo?


Something seems to have gone wrong: Check up, according to rumors, it would be disappear from Part 1 timetable and it was adjourn to generic start in 2021. News that Elisa has been wanting to get off the dance floor for the moment but will be very timely again. Then go to the final with the hope of winning it, of being stronger than so much bad luck, the one that came with her Raimondo Todaro throughout this journey. First his appendicitis, then an ankle injury, came to the point that the presenter had to stop, risking having to withdraw from Dance. In the end, though, “I did it, we did it”.

If things at work might not go the right way for Elisa, it could at least be love. The public considers them the perfect couple even in life. “They saw discipline, commitment, a sincere and respectful knot, a limpid idol. Our dances made us dream too. “In short, in between Elisa and Raimondo there seems to be a special alchemy: “Almost, almost we are beginning to believe it too“.

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