Sunday , December 5 2021

EICMA 2018: partnership between Samsung and Energica


Samsung and Energica revolutionize the world of two wheels

Samsung Electronics Italia, in association with Energica Motor Company S.p.A., announces Smart Ride, a project that aims to allow a completely new driving experience

in Italy y mobility urban ar two wheels yes topic essential not only with the intention of reducing emissions and traffic, but also with a view to technological development for the introduction of innovative solutions for the benefit of motorcyclists. In this situation you will insert the co-operation between Samsung and Energica, the first maker of electric motorcycles Made in Italy. a partnership no o share o guarantees as a big one attention a quality, i search ac innovation technological, all elements that allow it development o project front, The Intelligent Tour, which offers a new lifestyle and bike.

  • Motor Company Energica S.p.A

egnïol Motor company S.p.A. here is Firstly House builder in the world offer electrical i high performance a builder only o FIM Enel MotoE ™ Byd Cup. Energica motorcycle is currently for sale as the official network of dealers and importers.

y prototype designed by Energica Motor Company for Smart Ride planning i leave o offer power Eva EsseEsse9or no he announced best Electric bicycle of the Year 2018. y result yes "Bolid-E"one speed that improves the concept of speed and emotion: a futuristic offer that combines Samsung's technologies and energetic experience. The logo itself incorporates this concept by offering the light graphics in the second letter.

Intelligent Tour, a project managed and developed in every stage in Italy by Samsung and Energica, It's included in do possible the interaction, via NFC and Bluetooth connection, between y smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch a offer egnïol guaranteeing motorcyclists is a new way of testing the bike. Moreover, the offer egnïol yes equipment o mirrors intelligent. Displays up content in two devices Samsung Galaxy series A integrated in mirrors which, thanks to the videos produced by both cameras – one back and one – on the bike, revolves road safety by realizing the video in real time and signing signals Hazard of potential barriers and barriers to its route.

  • Maximum control even at a distance

Thanks to smartwatch Samsung ac way and App dedicated "Energica", the motorcyclist can management her offer Energetically through Bluetooth, machines y state o office o battery a relationship autonomy ac watch y location o offer ar map (thanks to the integrated GPS on the bike). It is also possible imagine in real time drinking average the vehicle, the at this time introduction, The information ar trip that is odometer complete and partial performance and vehicle (Speed, Tor, Power, RPM). By & # practicality Horn the motorcyclists can do it play y corn directly or smartwatch Samsung to be able to identify or obstruct malicious.

  • Before starting

Samsung ac Energetically revolutionizing also the way o switch y offer: through the interaction (NFC) between y Galaxy Watch a vehicle it's possible create a virtual key which will allow the bike to be turned on when the smart look is connected to the tank. Moreover, the motorcyclist can share y hun key virtual with selection of contacts o hun address book. Before leaving, you can set your destination and start recording the path.

  • The features on the road

smart Ride there is a project that is not only keen to innovate the way to experience the experience on two wheels, but also to ensure a high level of road safety. thanks i mirrors intelligent, i Samsung Headteacher– –up display, it's possible imagine, with no attention, information profit along the way, as potential barriers, attendance o vehicles in cornels blind, The walkers in the way. In addition, during the trip you can check the presence of charging stations near the bike, thanks to the GPS having to integrate to the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

  • Sharing and bicycle is now possible

Action & # practicality track record it's possible resurrect almost on your Samsung Smart TV TV emotions y path thanks to the recording of integrated cameras in the bicycle and the data recorded. In addition to this, thanks i smart Ride, y motorcyclist It can be energetic share with friends two and bike that its data, through the Sharing of Track and Key Sharing features. In ngoleuni ensure a security as effectively as possible Samsung and Energica have put into practice system o monitor o far of the bicycle when used by multiple users. You possible imagine on map and location at this time the user and to offer Energic, define a trawst in that is y offer can be use and warn when it goes too far.

this partnership no between the Korean korea and the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, it seems be a dream That's really, also os it could still be okay now. but how could cost a motorcycle bod, in addition to the technology that is already present on the bike, covers all y innovative over Listed, including two stickers in the mirrors!

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