Thursday , November 26 2020

DUK ON FRIDAY 2018, OR WAY WEEK / The best offers that are already active on video games

Less than a week to go Black Friday 2018 but many discounts are already available online to prepare for what's the most important year of purchases. There are a number of physical and online chains, as anticipated, which already promote their products, especially those who resell video games, among the classic purchases when it comes to Black Friday. In this regard, we want to identify some interesting promotions that are already active, starting with Assysins' s Odyssey Creation in the Omega version, with a number of interesting extra bonuses, which will find € 39.99 on Amazon. The final episode of the Tomb Raier, Shadow, cdkeys (digital version) saga, for Xbox One, is available for less than 28 euros. Another popular game in the last few weeks, and that you can buy for sale, is Spider Man, which will find Amazon on € 49. Finally, we indicate the possibility of buy a PS4 bundle that includes the Vr, Vr Worlds, the Astrobot game, and of course the consol, to 199 euros on Unieuro. (update by Davide Cryptography)


It's just one week after Black Friday 2018. Next November 23, the big discounts on the web and in physical stores, starting from Amazon, the world's most well-known e excellence and excellence website. Many purchases will be completed during the "Black Friday" in Italy, where the fashion has been special for a few years now. Be careful, however, because, as they say, this is not all gold, which means that clips, which have not translated, are better to be attracted by discounts too big. In fact, many people tend to cause reductions to the user, promising "hyper" discounts, when real savings are not as high or even worse, selling counterfeit goods. So the Adiconsum and Central European Consumeri Italia associations have published a series of tips to avoid wasting money, starting with the first: to be vigilant at low prices.


In this case, the greatest risks are running if you're buying Outside the Amazon classic, eBay and Zalando. Therefore, it is always best to make a short survey of the company that we buy, checking a possible address, telephone number, VAT number and e-mail. It is very important, as advised by the experts, to check if the site we have identified is the quality certificate, a brand that is usually assigned by NetComm and Shops Trusted, and which is 39 ; n guarantee the validity of the e-commerce website. Another way to avoid being caught during Black Friday 2018 is to read the reviews: even in this case, you can find "fake", but in most cases reviews can be very useful for Understand the quality of the purchased product. Finally, payment. It should not be favored not only during the Black Friday 2018, which allows credit cards, that is, return money if the product is not provided, as well as PayPal, which offers fraud protection. In addition, during payment transactions, there must always be a lock symbol on the referral bar which means that the sensitive data we receive is safe from busy eyes.

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