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Drumbers: in Italy – 17% of deaths but the elderly improve less – Health


In Italy there is less death due to cancer: with -17.6% of deaths in 15 years, our country holds the record in Europe. There is a positive tendency to safeguard, however, it needs more resources to allocate to the inventory of innovative medicines established in 2016. To launch the notice there are oncologists at the National Congress of the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (Aiom), emphasizing that the new therapies have just allowed a marked improvement in survival.

In 2018, for the first time, there will be 500 million euros above the ceiling in the fund and "necessary – warns President Aiom Stefania Gori – that this specific source will be re-confirmed for the next three years and to operate ". In Italy, in fact, cancer deaths are falling more than the rest of Europe. Our country is in the first place in this site: in 15 years (2001-2016) the death decline was equal to 17.6%, in France and Spain to 16%, in the United Kingdom to 13% and in Germany at 12.3%.

A very important result, given that the impact of cancer drugs on total pharmaceutical spending continues more than in other countries: it represents 13% against 17.3% of the United Kingdom and 17% of & # 39; r Almaen. The € 500 million Fund, which emphasizes Gori, "made a definite contribution, becomes a structural measure for three years, and up to this year, the Fund for Innovative Cancer Medicines, established in 2016, is sufficient to cover expenditure levels, but this year will not be the case. The estimates show that, in 2018, the outputs for these therapies will actually be greater than the Fund's largest capacity, reaching a figure between 590 and 610 million euros, with more than 90 and 110 million compared to the installation ceiling.

Therefore, we ask the Organizations to re-confirm the Fund over the next three years and to implement the amount ".

Drumbers: elderly improves less, 70% over 70 only find disease in advanced stages
In Italy, elderly people recover from cancer less than in Europe: only 37% live five years after diagnosis, compared to 40% of the EU average. Incidents include inaccurate lifestyles, less access to effective therapies except screening programs, which stop at age 69. In order to highlight this fact, the archeologists in Rome were collected for the twentieth national congress of the Association of Italian Medical Oncology (Aiom), which also requires the institutions: anti-cancer screening is be extended up to 74 years. All of Italy are more than 510 new cancer cases causing people over 70 years of concern. 63% of patients affected by cancer are alive 5 years after diagnosis, a percentage that sets our country in the top in Europe. Unfortunately, not so for the elderly.

And unfortunately in Italy, seven out of 70 in ten find that they have cancer only when higher and therapies are less effective, despite this in our everyday country there is more Over 510 new cases of cancer affect the over 70s. in the oncologists of the Association of Italian Medical Oncology (Aiom) who presented the first project, on the occasion of the XX National Congress, to prevent and treat cancer in the elderly Cancer, prevention does not stop after 65 years. , which was already introduced last September in the Vatican.

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