Tuesday , May 17 2022

Disconnect problems when launching Fallout 76


Fallout 76 is now available worldwide. However, it seems that the launch of the new effort of Wales appears Bethesda has been subject to a number of problems.

When opening game servers worldwide, there are a number of active users on Fallout 76 they have actually started to face various disadvantages, mainly related to frequent and indirect disconnections. Bethesda It was time to realize the spread of this issue, made by consumer notices via the official Twitter account of the series fallout. As you can see at the bottom, the last one has published the following chirp: "With administrators operating globally, we are currently investigating the disconnection issues that are currently underway"On Twitter, the same was followed Bethesda: "Teams are working quickly to solve the server's issues as soon as they are identified ".

After a short time, there is an account fallout has released a new Tweet, which states that the situation should now be stable: "Issues that are connected to the server should now be resolved. If you still have problems, try to access the game again. Thank you for your patience"For any further problems, Bethesda, like Tweet below, invites you to report to the attached link, in order to contribute to a prompt solution.

We take this opportunity to remind you, despite the title allowing importers and progress made during the game BETA, all trophies / unlocking will not result in the full version of Fallout 76.

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