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comparison between Giulia Provvedi and Deianira Marzano

Special episode of Big Brother Vip 2018 [VIDEO]who will fly this evening on Channel 5, will give the public a lot of emotions at home. Actually, tonight presenter Ilary Blasi with the help of Alfonso Signorini, has to attend the conflicts between Giulia Provved and the influencer Deianira Marzano: the last couple in the previous weeks have given a voice that the goalkeeper of Atalanta and Giulia's sweetheart, Pierluigi Gollini, betrayed his girlfriend during the night in the disco.

Of course, this must be checked, by Marzano, all, even if in the last hours the same Gull has cleared himself saying that he has a clear conscience.

However, however, the news during this evening of the GF Vip 2018 did not stop: in fact, it will go to the house more extensive in Italy too Justine Mattera to the surprise of a competitor Let's see other details about a new reality episode tonight in the continuation of the article November 22nd.

Big Brother Vip 2018: Giulia Provvedi will face Marzano tonight

As predicted in the above paragraph of the article, the sister Giulia Provvedi will have to live another difficult night tonight. In fact, the authors of Big Brother Vip 3 will face face to face Giulia to Deianira am one comparison on the wonderful story of the possible betrayal love of Golliny. In fact, Marzano said a few weeks ago that the Atalanta keeper had tried several nights with her for a night in the disco.

Immediately for this reason, the week that Giulia Provvedi lived inside the Gip Vip house was not very happy, especially as the authors decided to separate them inside the house. How will this comparison end? Considering the volcanic character of Giulia Provvedi, Marzano will have to use the correct words.

GF Vip 3: in the tonight tonight the second final will be nominated

As well as the access of Justine Mattera, which will be a surprise for a competitor [VIDEO], in this episode of Big Brother 3 y second final that will win the reality. In the previous chapter of Monday, Silvia Provved with a tele-teleworking cycle won the first place for the final episode of Channel 5 reality. Do you think who will be the second final in the episode tonight?

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