Saturday , January 22 2022

Colors, sample numbers and some specifications here and Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F


Nicola Ligas

SamMobile reveals some other details on the Galaxy S10, the long climax of the range, and onwards Galaxy F, the smart phone smart phone expected in the world (or almost).

Starting from S10, the three serial numbers are repeated again, which should match the three telephone numbers: SM-G970x, The SM-G973x ac SM-G975x. On the European market, the "x" should stand for "F", as it has been a tradition in recent years.

The G970 model should be 5.8 "without a fingerprint reader under the display and with 64 GB of storage; in fact it will be the least expensive and most basic of the three, but you can ironically call it iPhone XRif you prefer alongside Apple. G973 and G975 instead, respectively 5.8 and 6.44 inches, with both reader under the display (but let's call them too iPhone XS to XS Max, to complete the parallel).

The three Galaxy S10s will be introduced Black, White, Yellow and Green, although Samsung will call them in ways that are certainly more attractive than this, and some of these colors may be gradient. However, they are not said to be available on every market in each of the 4 colors, and as you already know, Samsung has the habit of introducing new color variations with the passage of time, but it's still early to say which will arrive in Italy.

Finally, in terms of Galaxy F, SamMobile confirms the SM-F900U model number with 512 GB of storage, but as mentioned previously, the European variation is differentiated by the final F, or SM-F900F and we do not know what is offered with so much internal memory. In any case it appears that the Korean company is preparing for a global launch, especially in colors Silver to Black; but even in this case the same thing applies in terms of color diffusion in different markets.

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