Friday , August 19 2022

Center in Sardinia: Success here does not change anything in Rome & # 39; – Politics


Center in Sardinia given Sunday regional votes. At national level, nothing changes: it will be good news for the Sardinians, but the government goes through all the way, & # 39; says Matteo Salvini. "If we win in Sardinia, I will restrict myself to say on Monday that I will call Matteo Salvini …": This is the ironic joke Silvio Berlusconi responds to & # 39; The new sub-headteacher confirmed that the Gialloverde government would even go ahead in the event of Sardinian success to the right-hand center. At that point Giorgia Meloni also said that there will be many calls to Salvini. And the main division has said: "Monday, I'll be removed by phone …".


Amongst the central themes is the protest of milk. "We have had me and Tajani – said Silvio Berlusconi – an interesting interview with the European Agriculture Minister: he will send a commission of experts in Sardinia, he told us that he will provide European money available to publicize the Roman patent in all European television channels ". This was announced by the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi in Cagliari, at the middle-right press conference.

"This is away from the subject"Matteo Salvini answered a lawyer to a correspondent who asked him if there is agreement on the Tav. But Silvio Berlusconi immediately joined, insisting on the point: "This is a part of the questions that I will ask him from Tuesday …He will not be able to stay with a mobile phone for two days …".



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