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Casamonica, 8 cell lines turned out in Rome. «Inside horses, tigers and golden entrances»


Rome, 8 beds removed from Casamonica raid. Rays: «Historical day»

Eight pillars belong to the clan empty and ready to collapse in Rome Casamonica. "Today is an historic day for the city of Rome and the Romans»The Mayor of Virginia Raggi said in the morning, who was tonight for taking part in the surgery that saw more than 600 urban forces in the field. From 70s the first illegal buildings were evicted in the Quadraro, the southeast area of ​​the capital. There are around 40 people who see the talent inside the houses.

Heavy scriptures, even sexes, they were turned to Raggi as they arrived through the Quadraro by some of the villagers. "We end years of illegality and send a strong sign to Casamonica's criminality and childhood, evacuating eight illegal houses on the eastern outskirts of Rome. "

The fight against the clans carried out with citizen bravery

Also, the Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, Present at the start of the demolition operations of the eight abuse products. "We slowly bring back pieces of the city to legality. It's a good sign for Rome, this is not the first and the last one will not. return to be respected. I did not go into the houses not to confront the law enforcement, but what we see came to & # 39; the obvious space that was taken by the spit behind the others. The packet is over, "said the owner of the Viminale.

Casamonica, police officers arrive with ATAC buses

«The administration – continues Rays in a job on Facebook – has committed itself as it did not happen in its recent history: for over 10 months we have designed this action that sees no less commitment of 600 local police ». "I wanted to take part in the eviction and kill operations to show the presence of the organizations alongside the citizens in the fight against injustice and crime – we come to the conclusion – We are not reduce our eyes ".

"This is the most striking campaign against crime ever made by white helmets in Rome. Those houses were there for 30 years, contrary to building regulations, landscape, railways and archaeological restrictions". This was noted by the mayor of Virginia Raggi, in a post on Facebook, on this blitz this morning against Casamonica. "Some houses even incorporated entire parts of the historic Felice water viaduct – continued – 20 methods were used to kill them. Those houses had become a symbol of illegality and incapacity in the underground's face. This has largely eliminated. Institutions are there and do not reduce their eyes. "

«I would like to thank – Climb – Town Hall VII ended for the courage and consistency of these months; civic technicians; the local police officers and the Antonio Di Maggio order; State Police Personnel, Carabinieri, State Superstition; the memory; the workers; ATAC; technicians Acea, Enel and Italgas; Rome Capital Operator Room, Capitoline Civil Defense, the companies that deal with demolition; and especially all those citizens who never gave up their complaints ".

"We estimated 30 days to complete the clearance and demolition operations. The agents started working morning morning. In the buildings there were around 35 40 residents, small ones. Until they have resisted, they are not in situations where they are in a vigorous state but then they were calm down. "Rome's local police chief Antonio Di Maggio said.

"Doses of drugs were found in a house that colleagues put under seizure. We believe it's a cocaine," added Di Maggio. For those who asked him if the residents of the houses expected demolition operations, he replied: «No. This morning they thought he was searching. He was shocked. And we've remembered how they themselves have already notified the measures. "The archaeological, landscape and railway constraints are facing the affected area. The first disputes of illegal use by the Civic date back to 1997.

Congratulations to Rays also in part Luigi Di Maio:

"The demolition of Casamonica casillas is not a symbolic act, but there is a basic act to start releasing Rome from the criminal institutions created by the Capitale Mafia. This is the first time in history that you're doing something similar – continues Di Maio – Congratulations to the mayor! ».

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