Monday , July 4 2022

Black Friday, the origin of the shopping party and prosperity also in Italy


A shop window advertises Black Friday (Lapresse)

Rome, 14 November 2018 – Il Black Friday The most anticipated day by the lovers of the shop. A day you can take advantage of discounts and offers on products of all kinds: from clothes to air travel.

WHAT'S THE US ON FRIDAY – A custom have imported from the US which is between Thursday Thanksgiving and Christmas. It takes place every year on Friday following the Thursday when it is celebrated & Thanksgiving Day & # 39; (the fourth Thursday of November) and since 1932 officially opens a Christmas gift racing.

IN ITALY – If the idea of ​​spending hours is not consecutive in front of shops and excitement cash desks, Black Friday In Italy, it is mainly dedicated to buying online: from Amazon to eBay, going through Zalando.

IN 2017 – Net purchases have increased over the past year or 33.46% o 'compared to previous year. Last Friday, traffic on e-commerce sites has increased 78% o 'compared to the previous three weeks and the following three main, while for the Cyber ​​Photo the increase was the 40%.

THE MORE THAT IS PERFORMANCE – On top of the brands that benefit most of the two days there are technology gears Apple to Samsung, but also the Nintendo to Sony with consoles.

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