Tuesday , July 5 2022

Black Friday 2018 with ePrice: offers and discounts


The 2018 Black Friday is coming and ePrice has decided to predict the hottest Friday in launching its "Black Hour" promotion. This is an initiative that allows customers to be awarded, daily, for a daily one hour, one of the 60 products that will be put at stake. In addition, during the promotion that will expire on 22 November, ie the day before the Black Friday, ePrice will offer discounts on a number of products up to 70%.

The mechanics of promotion "Black Hour"Explained directly within eShop ePrice November 22nd, is offered for a daily, daily, 60-hour hour. To participate in the initiative, you must register for a Black Hour competition even if you are already an ePrice customer. Users must enter a name, surname, email, social security number and password option. When registering or logging in, the Google reCaptcha system can request some validation operations. When the promotion time starts every day, click on "PLAY NOW". After recording or completing a registration, users can immediately find out if they have gained one of the 60 products up for a day.

Each of the participants has the same chance of winning whatever the minute they play during the hour, because the award of the winners is randomized through certified software. Each person can only take part once a day.

Among the eShop products up to 70% Up to November 22 televisions, actions, various gadgets of high technology and much more are mentioned. All the products available and the full rules of the "Black Hour" competition are available at eShop ePrice.

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