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"Big Brother Vip", click and follow the eleventh episode

Eleven appointment with the "Big Brother Vip" introduced by Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini. In episode tonight there are so many surprises and news. In the performance there is Ivan Cattaneo to Lory del Santo, who will come out between the two? Among the guests they will go into Rich a Poor a Baby K, while the first final will be awarded, which will have direct access to the final of December 10. And then and Donatella That will be split and compete separately and much more …

YOU CHI CHARGES "It will be a great night", with Ilary Blasi's long-haired hair welcoming, announcing that the Big Brother Vip doubles and will be back on the sky even on Thursday! Ilary's full-time e-mail will be announced and will be the third final of the third edition and the final will be broadcast on Monday, December 10! After having a competitive lecturer, Blasi shows a summary video on what it's called "coupleless couple", that is Giulia Salemi by Francesco Monte. The week, within the walls of Cinecittà, was actually falling for them.

GIULIA A FRANCESCO – Among the competitors there are many suspicions and doubts about the couple. Ivan and Lory can not see this great interest between the two interested parties. The showgirl reflects: "So far they have been true, but I've found that their response, in these days, has been too strong, so much so as not to say goodbye." The singer-writer adds: "My opinion changed after yesterday, taking into account the night of the clause". The pillow, in the studio, does not miss the chance to research more clearly: what happened? Francesco interferes to explain more to his situation: "These shared days had brought us closer together, they made me think much". The model in turn commented: "Being with a person does not want to change, I find new sides of it in these days, and then an important confession". Ilary shows a clip of one of her fierce enemies, then a summary of the newspaper headings that talk about them. In the meantime Francesco and Giulia have made peace and Ilary and Alfonso explain that things have improved and have come together. Meanwhile, Francesco still does not define herself in love with Giulia: "I feel stronger than I like, but I can not talk about love, too because in order to do that, we still have to live in the reality" . Let's now see, along with the VIPs, some of the headings of these days: "I'm sorry to have created all this, but I'll challenge anyone responding in this way before a strong desire and being here ". Giulia admits that he has been proud of the boy, just because of his strong interest.

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