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«Bethlehem, the last girl I love»


It has been more than three years since then Stefano De Martino ac Belén Rodriguez they announce their end relationship. Together since 2012, they said yes on 20 September 2013: marriage is passionate, who left scars on both. "I was no longer loving no daughter after her, "said the dawnssi guest of the first episode I disclose it, the new program of Real Time which was broadcast every Friday starting from November 16th. "She was the most beautiful story From my life, to Bethlehem he is I'll always be there».


Stefano De Martino, beautiful and feminist

Love, passion, betrayal "never happen", Read on the talk page of the talk show, which sets out a preview the content interview. De Martino is sure to be there I really liked it For the woman who gave him a son in April 2013, Santiago. "Beyond everything, he has the best mother he could have," he said already last month Sunday I. "Thanks to the relationship I got with my parents, sometimes complex, I do not forget to make people feel everyday I love my son.

"They told me that the marriage was forever, but I suffer a lot even able to explain it ", instead Belén's words to the week Who. "I was destructive. When this thing broke after four years, I did not know what to do. I'll put myself behind me and disappointment, but today I wonder if it is worth signing a contract, "the show came to an end, which ended The marriage closed He had a love story with the pilot Andrea Iannone: "Everything is as beautiful as long as it lasts."

However, Belén and Stefano continued in an excellent relationship: Last June they were guests of the same marriage, on the Lake Como, and they celebrated each other until late at night. Some fans had even suggested a flash, but De Martino had dropped away immediately hearing juices: "The partition is unused for me," he revealed a Diva to Donna. "We're a beautiful family, but our balance now it's separate ».


Belén Rodriguez (perhaps) single: «Better 40-year-old»

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