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Basketball, Euroleague: Milan-Vitoria 93-90


Milan is gaining another success in its excellent first part of Euroleague, Doma Vitoria (93-90) and continues in the fourth placement at the standings, waiting for the second weekly shift, on Friday in Barcelona. A great joint red and white performance, despite the absence of Nedovic and Della Valle, has pushed the Basque thanks to the symbonaous Micov in an attack (22 points) and the usual spectacular James (20 with 8 assistants). Importantly, the contribution of Jerrells (13 points) and Brooks (12 with 7 reasons), the excellent Poirier performance (18 with 10 rebellions) and the old Sienese Janning (18 with 4 trips) are not enough.

and race – –
Begin balanced with Milan who relies on Micov, the Serb at night, but Basquees respond with the star Shengelia, 5-4 with the first round of Mike James. AX is trying to include Tarczewski and goes to more than 5 after the basket in the middle of the US, 13-8. The upper wet edge (triple Micov) reaches up to 7 points, then the Persovic men's answer. From the triple of old Sienese Janning, Vitoria's mini break returns to minus 1 on the first quarter syringe, 27-26. Difficult attacks for both sides of defense and cracking, they try the rest of the forces despite the second premature gap of the highest scorer Micov, 41-32. Triple in the series of Jerrells, Brooks and Bertans for the first digital double advantage, 44-34, the Baskonia reaction has long been stamped, Hilliard, Shengelia and Poirier are excellent taking advantage of some drop-in tensions; The troops came back under an interval, 47-43. Olimpia's Warrior after the long break, Mike James flees in the air for the new 9, 56-47 pi with three yarns of old Panathinaikos. Demoniaco James and Micov are still away, the double digit returns the edge of the Italian champions, 62-52, Shengelia, Janning and Vildoza, its triple of 66-60 keeping in touch with the Basks . In a night, Kuzminskas is not so positive that gives 5 important points to try to reject Baskonia's attack that she can not give her despite some free shengelia, 73-68 to the siren last.

last quarter – –
Even the intensity of the challenge, Cincorini captain and Jerrell's killing instinct still stands in front of Milan despite Huertas and Janning huertas, 82-75. Poirier continues to be a complex renewal for Milan's defense, Brooks has started with a basic 2 + 1, 88-79. Luck is also a new recovery of Vitoria (Vildoza triple board), which loses the ball equal to three times 88-85. Furious fights to resume with a number of extra forces of the forces, James gives one for only the Kirolbet and one 89-87 possession. Another basic possession of Perasovic coach men, do not miss Jerrells of the charity line for the Olympia who sees the arrival flag, 91-87 to 28 seconds from the end. Shengelia is a derails on the last assault, thanks to the spectacular defense of Brooks, former Sassari repeats himself (after Macov's shameful charge) on the triple despair of Hilliard.
MILAN: Micov 22, James 20, Jerrells 13

Vitoria: Janning a Poirier 18, Viedadza 15

Marco Taminelli

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