Friday , May 27 2022

Barbara Drso: The Bear in the Cast of Beautiful: the presenter was called to act alongside Brooke and Ridge


Everyone wants it (but nobody takes it). Barbara's finger She is the most interesting girl from overseas television. Already in the past, the presenter had put his face to the Albanian television Agon Channel, but now it could be land in Spain and even in the United States. According to what was reported by Corriere della Sera, The Carmelite – as you ring its fans – it would be necessary to produce the soap of the records Beautiful: the intention of the series transmitted by Channel 5 She would give her a part of her a character designed specifically to her alongside her Brooke to Ridge. But will it be true?

Not only that. Due to the landing of the Christmas and Working afternoon Channel 5, soon on the small screen even with the new season Dr. Giò, also required Spain, where they would like them to run the next edition of Big Brother. "Who knows", He writes on social networks to comment (and feed) the news that has already become viral. But everything seems very unlikely. First because of the difficulty that the foreign language would be It's second because, with two weekly commitments like Afternoon 5 ac Sunday Live, the host would not have time to fly even in Spain (or even in America). So, as long as you're talking about it …

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