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Banksy art finally displayed (in Milan)


"But will it be there?": Tuesday opened in the Mudec Museum of Milan Cultures The exhibition is dedicated to Banksy and at the opening, everyone, rather than observing the work, looked around to see if the artist was there.

"He" was not, on the other hand, large and heterogeneous public – including a compassionate one Francesco De Gregori – went into lecture Protest webcast. Banksy Art, y first showing the world that a public museum devotes to the great and stimulating artist (until April 14th).

The question was lawful. That would not be the first time to that Banksy, street-artist bad and ironic, "Return to the scene of the crime" to make fun for everyone. Last time they did on last October, during auction at Sotheby: a copy o Girl with Red Ballon (one of the serigraphs that are now displayed in Milan) is definitely sold and, as soon as the award is earned, the work is serious (but not completely) have destroyed, leaving the present anonymously. The piece was in the frame mechanism, as the same artist revealed on its IG page:

Banksy will also live in Milan, maybe in the coming days? Someone who is very close to him, like the couple Butterfly and David Chaumet, French young people living in London, «first hour supporters ", Banksy's collectors and supporters (also show their interesting, wonderful document about the life and work of the street artist and many times of their personal collection) are convinced: «The exhibition, as everyone who ; n dedicated to him, he has not authorized. But that does not mean he does not know everyone who has yet to display in Milan, "he said the enigmatic Butterfly (butterfly in the neck of an order, hanging tight with the stage name, the dark dress and the eyes that trigger).

"You will? Wait and see. Who is it? It is not said to be a man, it is not said to be one. It could also be extra-terrestrial Santa Claus: this is not important. What's important is the message ». Okay, they all agree, they make you think: they're doing fun from us.

It really has a queue value to see live serial work (almost all counted on a circulation of 500/600 and then "stamped" by Pest Control , a known ironic name agency that monitors Banksy copyrights)? Work, try to go around a few, who are already filling in the web? Working that the same architect sometimes sold for free (which happened last week, was a London fair: Instagram was advertised again)?

The answer is yes. Provided you have given the fatal curiosity on its identity.

After all, journalistic queries have already been written on Banksy (on Daily Mail, two years ago) and university papers (in the Queen Mary in London): it is said to be from Bristol and the circle has tightened around Robert Del Naja, musician of the Massive assault (which has never confirmed or refused: good). But is it important to know who, over the past twenty years, has transformed over 80 public walls, redesigning art geography and putting Palestinian Territories or Syria at the heart of its visual protest? Or do you count something else?

Gianni Mercurio, who was curator of this Milanane exhibition, admits that it's hard to organize an exhibition with artist-phantom, It produces messages more than work and one is astonished if it makes sense Banksy drivers horse and an unreasonable spirit in museum halls.

His best work, in fact, lives from the light and the situation in which they are created: Banksy makes public (protest) art. Between Paris's streets, in London, in Berlin, Palestrina's ruined walls (where last year and Bethlehem he has built himself enthusiastically Walled Off Hotel, ie wall wal & # 39; real hotel): it's there that Banksy brings up a rebellion against the civic system, wars, politics.

Take advantage of colors and waves Movement of English punk and reject them on will: in the portrait of Winston Churchill, in the case of Queen Elizabeth (Monkey Queen, which makes the verse to the cover God Save The Queen o Sex Pistolsanyway). We are always amazed to be surprised: it takes a famous image and inserts alien elements that completely change its meaning. For example, the famous photo of the Swedish girl who is escaped is drawn up because she was hit by napalm on hand to Mickey and the clown of McDonald's while in the Earring banners in Iwo Jima We will find Harlem's little boys, Rosenthal, a photographic masterpiece of 45 and a symbol of the American victory, instead of Marines. And then again: cops, and policemen, with white faces, contemporary & rock paintings; (primitive men hunting in the supermarket), new decorations (the sale of the gods) and banned games (tanks, bombs).

I protest, so I am is Banksy's motto and it is worth considering that in all three parts of the display, in each of its manners: the fluorescent colors of the portrayal of Kate Moss Andy Warhol, ai rats (the title "Men and mice" reminds you of something) armed with paint and brushes to change the world again forced to live in the sewers, tan his last self portrait, from 2005.

The face can not be seen. Cap order, scarf, sneakers, Banksy pulls back with you on a piece which is a reminder of those designed by Keith Haring: Choose your tool, The select your tool, he said to British criminal gangs who declined a decade ago from the worst neighborhoods with dangerous dogs trained in fighting.

She chose her: Art is a political commitment. Even when it comes to a music service: an exhibition has to dedicate to the covers of the Blur and other groups hip-hop brit you can not miss (including a lookout by hit by Paris Hilton). However, something does not come back: there is a dispute & # 39; according to a further definition being challenged by auctioned houses. Will he be able to wait himself? «If I reveal the names of private collectors who have given us loans, it would be surprising: there are many in Myanmar», Mercury's Grain tells me. Famous names: politicians, industrial industries? Azzardo, she's smiling.

The author praying no copyright, uses Instagram to spread its protest message, illegally employing public sites, but it would like to be fully managed on its production. "I do not like to pay a ticket for people to see my work," he wrote on Instagram last August in a stunning exchange of jokes with a friend. Add: «But I'm not sure the one who can complain if someone is announcing something without asking for permission».

For all of the Banksy, who could come (what will move next?) This is an exhibition that should not be lost.

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