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Artisiog Diet, to lose two gilo per week


There is also a diet of artisans, to lose weight at least a few pounds a week

Of course, it is not necessary to say that a diet that affects them all, and just trying to eat less. If we're too fat, if we're overweight, we can try the first self-discipline diet; without saying, of course, but just eating a little less every day.

Seek to control ourselves especially outside the meals. Often we do not realize that many small things have been collected outside the main meals, they do a great thing at the end of the day, and that's not good. Biscuits, confectionery, confectionery, small tastes also contribute in an important way to the increase in weight. Better to eat only in the main meals; except, of course, the use of everyday energy, also active for the type of work we do. If our work is totally physical, we probably need to reintegrate the energy lost through mid-morning snacks or afternoons as well.

Having said that, it is important to highlight another aspect of weight loss: a physical activity that can lead to significant weight loss, and if it has also reasonably linked to a reduction in the number of food, and There is a general production of body. A good body, fit, is also a good way of getting a healthy mind.

It is clear that physical activity must also be done with reasoning, and considering the advice given by our doctor. This varies depending on the availability of time, age and general health conditions. In general, however, we can say safely that the movement of two or three times a week with progression is already a good step towards health. A light body and healthy physical activity keep diseases away. And even if these arrived, it's obvious that they are getting better if the weight is enough and we do not have a sedentary lifestyle.

Return to the speech Delegates to lose weight, around every kind and for every taste. In the last decades, dieters have motivated the invention of new ones. But some who are particularly effective and desirable, however, are like not being an excessive sacrifice. Take, for example, the diet called gelfisgoes, and you can also lose a few pounds a week.

y artisiogs, these great vegetables. They are very good to eat, tasty and in fact they have many nutritional features. They are ideal for those who want to lose weight, because of their high water and fiber content, which allows you to regenerate the operation of the intestine and drain excessive fluids. y artisiogs They are lightweight and low-calories; They can be eaten as a side dish, with first courses and also with meat and fish.

We start in the morning with a carcass and mint centrifuge, along with low fat yogurt and a glass of water with a little lemon. For lunch, we will prepare rice, possibly whole wheat, with bogs; The side of cabbage and steam broccoli is very good. For lunch, we can easily eat some tidbits of turkey with mixed artisans and salads. Of course, we have to pay attention to the amounts, for each of these meals, which should never be excessive.

Then, before we go to bed, we can finish the day with a nice herbal tea to remove any remaining gas in the bowel. In short, the artisan is one of the best allies and diet, as it has about 25% of the vegetable fibers that we should take every day. It's really natural toxicity, and it helps to control the production of gastric juice. Especially suitable for good operation of kidney and gallerized bladder. Good artisan diet! If everything goes well, you can also lose two gilo per week.

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