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Apnea sleep, never underestimate these: what they can hide


y sleep apnea they should not be underestimated and the reason is extremely simple: they can hide a much more serious problem. This is expressed by the National 2018 National Neurology Congress, with which a particular alarm was raised: Apnea may be a sign of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. But what exactly is this apneas? From a medical point of view, there is a disturbance of breathing for several seconds. The cause is the barrier of the upper breathing path, but what are the exact results? First of all it's going to the correct operation of the organism. In the short term, there are physical effects such as stiffness, headaches and less attention. Ultimately, however, things can go much worse: health damage becomes more serious. The tendency to estimate the issue is of particular concern. This often leads to lack of diagnosis.

And prMario Polverino, ASL Salerno's neutral director and the head of the International Conference on Respiratory Medicine, have explained the concept of "hypoxia (or the oxygen deficiency in the internal organism or in one region) Apnea is a risk factor for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. The number of those suffering from it has more cases of arrhythmia, heart attacks, high blood pressure, heart failure and stroke. "That's why treating apnea is important in many other perspectives . To proceed to this address, we start from photomographiography, a specific exam that can be performed at home, at the clinic or in pharmacies with equipment. The exam records respiratory flow, heartbeat, brain activity and many other parameters during sleeping.

Apneawi & Nightlife: risk factors

Risk factors include night swimming apnea obesity, overweight, smoking, alcohol consumption and the use of sleep medicines. Usually the most affected subjects are men who are adults but we also have to involve children (especially if they have expanded donsils). Given the launch of the alarms, the serial snoring is warned: they need to turn to a sleeping specialist because the problem can be very serious.

What is polysomnography?

The risks of the test are very small and preparing exams is extremely simple as no special precautions are required (only a few hours after the exam, it's enough to prevent drinking alcohol and foods or drinks that contain caffeine, which may change the results). There are two main stages typical of sleeping, which follow each other several times (4-5 cycles of about 90 minutes each): the non-remedy period, or illegal sleeping, and the remix period, or sleep paradox. only The correct moment between these two stages guarantees sleeping rest. Obviously, policies are performed at night. The device starts recording just before starting the sleep. The patient will have to wear the device just half an hour before going to sleep, while the device is still running every night recording the parameters, without disrupting sleep.

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