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Antibiotic resistance, infectious diseases from all parts of Italy to Arezzo are compared



World Antibiotic Awareness Week, Tacconi: "Growing deaths due to overuse. We must intervene"

Dr. Danilo-tacconi-infectious-disease-Arezzo

Dr. Danilo Tacconi

Arezzo, November 17, 2018 – The "World Antibiotic Awareness Week", which is celebrated annually on the World Health Organization initiative, will expire tomorrow, on Sunday 18 November. The antibiotic resistant problem is globally and important.

"In recent years, over-use, in human and veterinary medicine, has helped to determine the antibiotic resistance phenomenon at such levels that the ability to fight infectious diseases can be compromised, in this case , bacterial – explains Danilo Tacconi, UOC Infectious Disease Director of Arezzo and Chief AFD Medicine Specialists from the South East Local Health Authority – A recent announcement of the famous magazine "The Lancet Hefectous Diseases" has shown alarming data about Union countries European in which there were 671,689 cases of antibiotic infections – representatives, 33,110 deaths and 874,541 disability conditions were exposed. Immediately, a third in Italy is shown to have been a third of all deaths (which is, equivalent to 10,000 deaths) that are related to antibiotic resistance, compared to the rest of Europe. "

Arezzo hosts a regional SIMIT conference of infectionists, carried out by Tacconi. There are nationalists at the national level that face the most infectious diseases.
The host of this conference is today's participation of nurses working daily with the doctors. Together they will share important issues for complex patient management, to make teamwork more effective.

Particular sessions, in addition to the appropriate use of antibiotic therapy, will also be to the excellent results of hepatitis C treatment, with the aim of eliminating the national territory. The main difficulty is to reach many patients who do not know they are suffering from this disease, and then try to bring out the growth.

The same is true for HIV / AIDS, a pathology that, compared to the past, is possible to check with treatments available with a complete improvement in the quality of life and survival of the patient , taking into account, however, that Italy is about 4,000 patients per year still infected and many of these do not know they are suffering from the infection.

"The problem – continues Tacconi – remains fundamentally preventive, promoting adequate lifestyles not to contract sexually transmitted infections".

Also relevant are vaccine-related interventions, especially aimed at involving health workers and populations at risk.

"The urgent intervention of a global world-sectoral approach (human medicine, veterinary medicine, training-information, etc.) is essential because only with a union of intentions, co-ordination of efforts and investing in adequate resources, we can try fight with a new epidemic of drug resistants, reversing this dangerous tendency, if failure led to a death of around 10 million people a year in the world in 2050. Much more than tumors and accidents way "came to the Tacconi conclusion.

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