Thursday , August 11 2022

Ambra Lombardo answers Tina Cipollari: the post on Instagram


Ambra Lombardo has published a post on Instagram that looks like a clear message to answer Tina Cipollari's statements about her. This is what the teacher wrote.

Big Brother 16: the story between Kikò Nalli and Ambra Lombardo

In the first weeks of living with each other in the House y Big Brother 16, between Kikò Nalli and Ambra Lombardo something was born. He was the first to declare his interest in the beautiful teacher, but she, as she was included, kept it from a distance. A fortnight ago, however, Amber was removed and everything changed.

Kiko he wrote a letter showing that he kept thinking about her and amber he left his girlfriend because of his always mind of Kikò. Barbara Dârso has given the two competitors the opportunity to meet again and one of them has been taken passionate kiss.

Words Tina Cipollari

Former wife Kikò, the popular Tina Cipollari, he made irony about this story. Then, instead, by interview with the week They are, the columnist has pressed the couple. In her view, Ambra is not the ideal woman for Kikò and, above all, in the future, she doesn't see her with her ex-husband because one cannot order with a stick, as it is she.

Replica Amber Lombardo's

After publishing Tina's words on a possible story between her ex-husband and Ambra Lombrado, the teacher announced a job on Instagram. The sentence written by the woman is: "… Minimum idea Thinkla postero …"

This is the continuation of the saying "Carpe diem", the famous Latin phrase of the poet Horace. The sentence as a whole means: "Grab the day and believe as little as possible tomorrow". It means living what is presented today and not thinking about what is happening in the future because a man cannot predict it. For many, this is a clear solution to what they have to note Tina Cipollari at interview.

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