Thursday , January 20 2022

Amazon agrees with Apple to sell new iPhones, iPads and more


Apple ac Amazon they have just reached agreement that Apple is committed to filling the retailer's online retailers with products, including the iPhone and a new iPad.

So the agreement provides for one greater availability Apple Products on Amazon. also Restrict selling Apple products to Apple's authorized resellers, except for some third parties. The company's new products will also be included on the famous online store.

Apple and Amazon, the agreement starts from this Christmas

Apparently, Apple will endeavor to make all of its new products available before the Christmas shopping season. The countries that fall under the agreement are United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India.

So far, most Apple products have been found on Amazon third party vendors. Unfortunately, they will have to remove the product sheets from January 4, 2019. They can then apply to become certified Apple resellers and continue to sell those products.

US customers will be able to buy from Friday iPhone, iPad Pro, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV on Amazon, including the latest reach. Availability will gradually extend to all other countries mentioned in the agreement between the two companies. The idea is to reach every country before the Christmas season.

However, it'sHomepod Apple will not be on the online e-commerce list as it is a direct competitor Amazon Echo. If you notice well, the speakers are also missing Google Google.

It seems that the companies have been caring for their relationship after last year's death because Apple TV. Apple wanted Amazon to sell the product on its site but the well-known online store was rejected as Apple TV did not include the app for its Prime Video streaming service.

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