Tuesday , August 9 2022

A HIV-positive doctor infects 90 patients in Pakistan: 65 are children


AIDS patient is infected with 90 patients: 65 are children

It is thought that at least 90 people have been infected with the HIV virus Pakistan local officers said today by a doctor who used a contaminated syringe. The authorities were first warned last week after 18 children from a city on the outskirts of the town Larkana have tested positive about the virus. Executives of the Ministry of Health have carried out wider screening and dozens of infections have been detected. The police revealed the news that they had arrested a doctor, who said they would also have HIV. "Over 90 people, including 65 children, were positive," the doctor told AFP Abdul Rehaman, an area health officer from Larkana. A second officer confirmed the epidemic, although he gave slightly different figures.

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Local authorities said they were tracing the case from the place where the doctor would stop infecting his patients with a syringe. Azra Pechuho, the provincial health minister That's sin, his arrest confirmed: "Even the blood of parents of children who have infected has been tested, but their results are negative." An information campaign began on the issue that had immediately frightened the whole communities. Pakistan is considered to be a country with low incidence of HIV, but the disease is expanding particularly among people who are addicted to intravenous drugs, due to prostitution and returning migrants returning from & # 39 Gulf.

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