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A 5G Vodafone hackathon is going to a tennis project


The collection was reached on November 13th "Vodafone 5G Hackathon – Wearables for sports", The The first hackathon has to dedicate to 5G have been organized by Vodafone, Polytechnic of Milan a L.I.F.E which took place in the Vodafone Village in Milan on November 12 th and 13th. A two-day marathon to develop the project born in the Vodafone 5G experiment in Milan "5G for sport" has to be realized with L.I.F.E. a Politecnico di Milano and to understand the potential of 5G in sports.


5G portable for sports

The project 5G portable for sports It includes smart wearables associated with the Vodafone 5G network that can identify physiological parameters and athlete movements during sports performance, giving immediate feedback to it if its movement is perform correctly or not. Future developments anticipate the possibility that a coach will follow more athletes at the same time and thank you for sharing data in real time. All this will be possible thanks to the 5G, which allows for the continued and reliable transmission of a number of physiological data and biomechanical comes from a large number of connected sensors and, thanks to low latency, to give haptic and vocal feedback directly to the athlete, helping him to do so to improve his habits while training.

And the scenic scenarios or 5G

And exactly on 5G development scenarios applied to this project, during the two days, 40 students, have shared 8 groups, of a degree Master of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics of the Polytechnic Milan, with the aim of creating new algorithms relevant to woven devices (LIFE websites) associated with 5G Vodafone and developing new use cases on four Selected sports: running, cycling, tennis and soccer.

Tennis yourself

After two days of work and eight projects were developed, the "Tennis yourself" project was selected by the "TT" team. The project has aimed at the tennis world, to enable tennis players to improve their performance during the thank you training, through smartwatch, visual and vocal feedback in real time. In particular, the team developed in twelve hours the necessary algorithms to improve the beat period by showing the jury demo at 5G.

Promoting digital culture

The "Vodafone 5G Hackathon – Wearables for sports" is one of the number of Vodafone initiatives to promote digital culture, especially among young people. Indeed, as well as awarding "V by Vodafone" products for the winning team, 5 students who were particularly discriminating were offered the opportunity to continue working on the 5G experiment in Milan through internships paid by Vodafone to LIFE.

The beginning

L.I.F.E. starts research that designs and manufactures clothing with multiple sensors and physiological data analysis systems with high accuracy for health and well-being. Politecnico di Milano (Department of Electronics, Information and Bio-enterprise) supports the start in developing algorithms.

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