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28 day bills, the repayments after the Council of State award


28 day bills, the repayments after the Council of State award

The way has been full and full of appeals of all kinds, but ultimately consumers seem close to victory over phone operators on the 28 day bill repayment relationship. The State Council refused the suspension requested by Vodafone, Wind Tre and Fastweb and suggested that the companies should prepare a “staged cancellation plan” until the merit hearing for 4 July.

Long history bills began 28 days in 2017, when it came to the obvious that the companies
phones sent invoices every four weeks rather than monthly, with the result that customers received 13 bills a year. On what he described as "cosmetics", various provisions (and fines) and then Agcom, the Antitrust Authority, and finally, he also reached the law of Parliament, which prohibited the practice by requiring companies to return to & # 39 The traditional monthly bill.

So, therefore, the issue of repayments, as collected by the companies between June 2017 and early April 2018, is therefore
is parallel to all work and regulated by a specific decision by the TLC Authority: t
return in the bill in the form of days eroded or other alternative damages authorized by Agcom itself, t
they had to arrive by 31 December 2018, moved a term later to 31 March 2019 and finally until the end of May. Ultimately, an appeal was made to the Palazzo Spada regime that considered significant "the long time that has passed since the management verification default" rejects the request for suspension for suspension: this is the administrative judges gives full validity to the Authority's provision requiring operators to proceed with repayments. It is true that the final word cannot yet be written, as the hearing on the merits (which will also cause concern to Tim) has to be set for July 4, but the State Council has it The need to provide at least "a phased cancellation plan consistent with the monthly invoicing reorganization, with a gradual extension to all customers, if necessary t , without prejudice to any modifications ».

The National Union of Consumers, who feel close to the goal, are exults: "Finally, the circle is tightening and the rebates t
in the gates », tell the UDP. Codacons, on the other hand, are more skeptical and fear that this is not the case at all: for this reason we invite "phone companies to surrender and give the best way to appeals and counter- t appeals, recognizing compensation payments to consumers as established by Agcom ”.

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