Tuesday , August 9 2022

Weeds help to improve motivation during exercise


Washington: Researchers have discovered a complex crossroads between the use of cannabis and physical activity. A new study says that consumers have said that the use of the drug before and after exercise increases enjoyment improves recovery and increases motivation.

According to the study published in the Journal of Frontiers in Public Health, eight out of 10 marijuana users in states where cannabis is legally say they are taking the drug just before or after exercise and the Most say it motivates them to work out, help them enjoy more exercise and improve their recovery.

"A stereotype that the use of cannabis leads people to be lazy and locked with a sofa and not physically active, but this data suggests that this is not the case," he said. author Angela Bryan. Bryan said, however, that in no way does he recommend the use of cannabis as an addition to exercise.

"The evidence is not yet there. But I am not convinced that it is harmful," he added. Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in 10 states and medicinal use in dozens more. Yet little is known about how increased reception could affect public health measures such as physical activity and obesity.

Some have speculated that increased use could exacerbate the obesity epidemic by feeding a sedentary lifestyle. On the other hand, the author prohibits the use of cannabis in sporting competitions because of its potential to improve performance. "There are many interesting data points and theories out but many of them have not been tested," Bryan said.

Researchers surveyed 600 adult marijuana users in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, asking questions, if they were to use cannabis within an hour before or four hours after exercise.

Eighty-two percent said yes. "We were amazed that it was so high," said Bryan. A subsequent question of 345 "co-users" (people using cannabis with exercise) found that they were more likely to use it after than of the front. But 67% said they did both.

Among those who co-used, 70 per cent said it increased the enjoyment of exercise, 78 per cent said it promoted recovery and 52 per cent said it was more motivated.

"Given that these are all obstacles to exercise, it is possible that cannabis could be an advantage to an engagement exercise," the authors wrote in the study. Only 38 per cent said it promoted performance, and in fact, some previous small studies have suggested that it could harm it.

Notably, those who co-used also had about 43 minutes more exercise per week than those who did not. How could physically, cannabis, affect physical activity? There is evidence to suggest that some cannabinoids relieve pain perception, and we also know that the cannabis receptors in the brain are very similar to the receptors that are naturally stimulated. The range of high runners dampen pain and spur 'artificial runner', he could keep people motivated, "said co-author Arielle Gillman.

Cannabis is also anti-inflammatory, which may help recovery. The study did not look at what type of cannabis (edibles, smoke flower, etc.) people use alongside exercise. "As we get older, exercise starts to hurt and that is one reason why older adults don't exercise so much. If cannabis could relieve pain and inflammation, it could help older adults to be more active. Another benefit, "said Bryan.

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