Monday , January 17 2022

We have problems with passengers


Captain El Al talks to JFK's control tower

Captain El Al is flying from JFK New York to Israel, which was diverted to Athens to avoid ruining Shabbat,
he asked for air traffic control to let him replace as soon as possible so that his passengers stopped recordings of radio communications at the airport show.

The trip was delayed due to snow storms, which led to a lot of canceled flights.

The captain can be heard trying to explain to the flight manager who still did not know who could go away, and the situation seems to cause a big confusion even inside the cock.

Violence on El Al

Violence on El Al

"We have problems with some travelers, we'll get updates in 1-2 minutes," said the captain to the air traffic manager. He wants to wait a few minutes on the runway so that he could check "if we can continue to delete or (must) go back to the gate".

Thanks to the captain of the tower for allowing him to stay near the runway and said: "We will appreciate as soon as possible, otherwise the passengers will continue to make problems."

A few minutes later, the Jumbo 747 took his way to Ben-Gurion Airport, but because of Shabbat, he was diverted to Athens.

A traveler who was on the job trip on Facebook wrote about the aggressive behavior of some of the passengers.

"Six hours to the flight, I heard shouting and seeing a flying assistant crying after a passenger threatened, pushed it and threatened to break into the cock, all in order to stop breaking Shabbat, "wrote Roni Meital. "I myself stood and protected visible flight guards … Shabbat seems to be more than your neighbor's love as yourself."

Violence on El Al's flight (Picture: Roni Meital)

Violence on El Al (Photo: Roni Meital)

On Monday, El Al Gonen Ussishkin's Executive Headquarters established an investigation committee to investigate the event. "In order to draw conclusions, and in particular, to avoid repeating such incidents, I decided to establish an inquiry committee to investigate all the incidents that occurred during the 002 flight and all the testimonies and claims, "Ussishkin wrote in a statement. "The committee will present its conclusions and recommendations as soon as possible, and then I will make decisions on the matter."

"We ourselves are in the midst of a polarized discussion and exchange of allegations in both sides, this is contrary to the principles and values ​​as state citizens and as the national carrier, with a banner Israel on the tail of his layers, "added the CEO.

There were 70 high Orthodox passengers on the journey, some of which acted disorderly before the aircraft was abolished, asking for permission to leave. "The unsuccessful flight team tried to seize and promised that we would arrive between an hour and a half and a half before Shabbat," wrote Meital.

"However, the group of religious people persisted with their uncontrollable, unwanted behavior, and the assault was deferred as a result. After about an hour, he agreed to sit down and we left," he said.

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