Friday , July 1 2022

UPDATE 1 Israeli official says Khashoggi death is "despicable" but Iran's bigger challenge


An Israeli official on Friday
the assassination of the so-called journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia
Arabia's consulate in Istanbul is "despicable", but it said
the strengthening of the Gulf States in the fight against Iran
Israel's primary concern.

In his remarks at FM Radio, Minister of Energy
Yuval Steinitz does not explicitly state his opinion
the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu's government, which
He held the case back.

Steinitz asked Khashoggi about his death: "That was it
despicable action. It deserves all the omissions. This was the
civilian, journalist, non-terrorist. "

He continued to say that he was fighting Israel
Iran was even more urgent.

"We have a threat that may become an existential threat –
the threat of nuclear Iran, the danger of terror, the threat
spread in Syria and Lebanon. And the Arab states,
including Saudi Arabia, our allies in recent years against us
the spread of Iran and the Iranian nuclear threat. "
(Testimonies Dan Williams and Ari Rabinovitch;
Edit Angus MacSwan)

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