Tuesday , August 16 2022

These developers want their iOS apps on the Mac> ifun.de


Apple has already installed the path with macos Mojave and the home iOS Home applications, Voice Memos, Stocks and News.

Marzipan Apps

Temporary, with macOS 10.15 Apple will offer a way for interested developers to turn their iOS or iPad applications with just a few simple steps in Mac applications that can be used. Keyword: marzipanify.

While the pessimists are afraid of careless ports that have nothing in common with real Mac apps, iPad users are looking forward to using their favorite apps on the big monitor soon. Developers expect an additional source of income.

Clear App

That the tide of marking apps is likely to arrive relatively quickly, the achievements of developer Steve Troughton-Smith have been showing for several days t Working diligently on itPush Mac popular applications to the Mac using unofficial hacks.

So Troughton-Smith already has the podcast app It has been exaggerated and the Twitter client Twitterrific adapted or "to mark it as" and thus ensure that the first third party developers have already issued promises for the construction of appropriate general apps.


Michael has this Tsai collected here,

The developers iOS want a Mac

  • Marco Arment is over-broadcast, only for iOS so far the podcast app is available, come to the Mac,
  • Peter Steinberger of the front port the PDF viewer app
  • Microsoft Erik Schwiebert thinking highthat's still very hot on big companies on how to best respond to forsipan.
  • Mike Piontek it could replace its current distribution app with a maripan version if it offers additional features like Siri shortcuts.
  • The Halide manufacturers want its photo app to MacBook FaceTime cameras using iMac
  • Christian Selig wants bring the Apollo app for Reddit on the Mac in the long term
  • Mindnode manufacturer Markus Müller-Simhofer wants to do that i AppleIf apps like Mail and iWork come with the iPad version to the Mac, Mindnode, it's probably one of the party.

Weather app

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