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The Spirit of Tom Clancy's Recon Wildlands has been added to the new story



Spirit of Tom Clancy, Recon Wildlands

Operation Oracle has arrived, expanding the game with two flights, and the full game is available for free for a few days on each stage.

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Although now is the Ubisoft Most of them focus on support for Section 2 Tom Clancy and Anno 1800, not forgetting their previous games. Exactly in 2017 Tom Ghostcy Ghost Recon Wildlands again on the table. Unfortunately, for now, we cannot report a progression, but we can still be happy.

The Oracle Campaign supplement reached the day of the front, expanding the game's collaborative approach with two brand new story tours. In these, we need to release an engineer Skell Tech who is kidnapped by Unilad, but the smooth rescue stage takes an unexpected turn at one time.

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Tom Clancy's Recon Wildlands " t

Tom Ghostcy Ghost Recon Wildlands
Spirits go to Bolivia, or can Ubisoft make a good game without exaggeration.
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This is the official end of Year 2, the second term after the first performance, with a total of four free upgrades. To celebrate this, the full game – including the new Oracle Campaign – has been free since yesterday, so everyone can have a go until 5 May if they haven't. ■

Spirit of Tom Clancy, Recon Wildlands

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