Monday , September 26 2022

The spectacular Lev Borodulin collection of Soviet photography goes for sale


Bhe never had an orodulin in him for the money. When it was collected, the prints did not have commercial value; It was simply about keeping what he / she admired for the future. When an agency like TASS cleared, it would make the clearance. In this way, Maya Katznelson, the collector curator, has saved invaluable work, also receives prints of magazines such as Soviet Photo, Ogoniok, Iskusstvo, and Theatrical Life.

In addition, a number of Russian families of photographers and Russian art criticists, such as Lily Ukhtomskaya, editor of the Soviet magazine magazine, had a disastrous fire before it was shut down in 1991 – Borodulin saved what could.

In 1972, because anti-Semitism was growing in Russia, the Jewish Borodulin left to live in Tel Aviv, returning to a native homeland if it heard that an archive of photographs were abolished .

Over the past 20 years, his son, Aleksandr, has helped organize the collection and print prints to museums. Always, Soviet photography has accumulated some value slowly. Old iconic and rare prints by the most well-known photographers, such as Rodchenko or El Lissitzky, can have six figure amounts.

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