Tuesday , January 25 2022

The short story about how a turkey became kosher | Jns


Thanksgiving usually involves cooking at a level that Jews do every week for the preparation of Shabbat, a salad and each side that accompanies the main dish.

And although chicken has been a staple of the agricultural period and it was never an alien to kashrut, or kosher standards, the turkey was an unknown bird to start, as it did not exist in the Old World, presenting a dilemma about whether or not it was acceptable for Jews to eat according to dietary laws.

The 11th century Jewish commentator, Rashi, said that only birds that were eaten traditionally by Jews could be considered to be eaten; therefore, any new birds found could not be assumed to be gosher.

Although the turkey appeared in Jewish legal literature in the 18th century, it was largely decided about the issue of whether the New World's birds were predominantly Mishnah Hullin Dealing with new birds, unfamiliar. For kosher certification, birds must include specific physiological features: crop, extra dough and a thick, easy-concealed stomach, muscle part.

In addition, there is a behavioral requirement as kosher birds can not have special varieties of prey.

Finally, Jews who celebrate Thanksgiving in Israel, as their counterparts in the United States, are not killed in that regard, together with observing Jewish law, Israel is eating double turkey meat that Americans eat every year.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Israel, Israelians eat about 28 pounds of turkey every year – almost doubling the average of 16.4 pounds and a year by the American.

More than that, almost half the production of Turkey's turkey is exported to Europe.

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