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"The last miracle of Pompeii": archaeologists have found a mural with an indecent story, an adult picture only


As it came to an end, Pompeii has resolved a long way, the ancient city has nothing to order not only archaeologists, but also the global community.

So, in the ruins of Pompeii, the archaeologists were able to discover two thousand years of the mural, which shows a spectacle of opposition from Leda, the wife of the king of Spartan Tyndareus and the God of Zeus in the light of Swan. This artistic theme was popular in the old times and in the Renaissance. About her she's telling Israel's issue of Haaretz.

The mural found on the wall of a residential building on Vesuvius street (through Vesuvio) on the wall of a Roman Village of a rich trader buried under a layer of ash during the Vesuvius assault at 79 ad. A room located next to the corridor, where in 1998 he found another remarkable mural of God Priapus fertility.

He shows Leda, on his knees that sit in Swan, squeezing his throat to his half-naked ladies. In this view the LEDs are directed to the viewer. According to scientists, the mural is different from other similar paintings because it shows an erotic view.

The history of Leda and Swan was particularly popular in the work of the XVI century. He was popular in Pompeii and Herculaneum, archaeologists of similar images found in the house of these cities.

Fresh with great colors and good visible details. The Director of Pompeii Archeological Park Massimo Osanna called the "exceptional and unique" discovery and "the last miracle of Pompeii".

According to Greek mythology, Leda was hit by its beauty Zeus, who took the form of Swan and in this form took the woman's possession. He became pregnant and placed eggs from the name Helen of Troy, which happened later than the Trojan war, and the brothers of Pollux and Castor.

Note that Vesuvius's catastrophic assault occurred in 79th and buried under a volcanic ash layer, the Italian city of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae. Excavations in Pompeii have been running for over 150 years, the next phase in the Regio V area began at the end of March 2018.

We will remind you, the researchers were able to find the sign on the wall that helped to name the exact date of Vesuvius's explosion.

As noted by the portal, the ancient Roman "Znayu" was famous for the strongest warriors, attractive architecture, great thinkers and fair law. But together with human dogma is still undesirable under the modern standards, the rules and prohibitions.

Also, "Znayu" wrote in examining the remains of those killed in the explosion of Vesuvius folks in 79 ad, scientists have found a real sense.


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