Thursday , January 27 2022

Shirbit hackers threaten to drop more documents if no ransom is received


The Black Shadow group behind the cyberattack against insurance company Shirbit announced that they would leak more company data if they didn’t get the money they had requested by 9 am on Sunday, Channel 13 reported.

The request comes just days after the group had already released more documents containing the personal information of Shirbit employees and customers over the weekend, as the company refused to pay the ransom demanded.
Included in the released documents are screenshots of WhatsApp conversations, ID cards, marriage certificates and financial documents.

Friday afternoon, Black Shadow released screenshots of discussions held between Shirbit’s representative and the hackers group. The negotiations did not end with a decision and the hackers released more data later in the day.

That same morning, Shirbit announced that it does not intend to meet the hackers group’s demand for payment, Israeli media reported.

Wednesday night, Black Shadow insisted that Shirbit send 50 bitcoin ($ 961,110) to its bitcoin wallet within 24 hours otherwise they would leak more information. The group warned that if the funds were not sent, the ransom demand would rise to 100 bitcoin. If another 24 hours elapses, demand will rise to 200 bitcoin.

“After that we will sell the data to the others,” warned the hackers, adding that they will release some more data at the end of every 24 hours.

The series of incidents began Tuesday when it was discovered that personal information such as IDs, driver’s licenses and registration forms had been leaked by the insurance company.

Black Shadow later claimed credit for the attack in a tweet that read: “A huge cyberattack was taken [sic] place by Black Shadow team. There has been a massive attack on the network infrastructure of the Shirbit Company, which is in the economic sphere of Israel [sic]. ”

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