Tuesday , January 25 2022

Review of the annual STEM Zuckerman Leadership Program


The second URS-Israel Annual Conference of the STEM Zuckerman Leadership Program was held earlier this month at the Israeli Technology Institute in Haifa, with a theme (more statement rather than a question) of "What's Next STEM. "

The event included topics such as cell cell regeneration "for healing injuries, tackling neurological events and helping with aging," as well as "how to repair broken heart," according to the event's website .

The STEM Zuckerman Leadership Program, set up by business business and editor Mortimer Zuckerman, "supports future generations of leaders in science, technology, engineering and maths in the US and Israel, and over time , fosters more collaboration between the world's most advanced scientific research centers. "

"The courage of the Zuckerman Foundation says" Spread an expansion on the idea of ​​Mort and seeing this scholarship program come to life, "said Eric Gertler. "You, the Zuckerman scholars, have all had challenges in your work, but those challenges do not stop great ideas from going on."

"Robert Kennedy had a quote for the prospects of hope – you throw a stone in the water, and create a multiple current with different energy centers, each one co-ordinates," he said. "That's what we're doing here – creating great energy of hope and building great bridges between the US and Israel."

Boaz Golany, vice president of Technion for external relations and resource development, said: "The US-Israel bridge that Mort Zuckerman has built through establishing this program will be known as a # 39 ; the most realistic and most influential real estate project. "

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