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There is ample evidence that the Bermuda, who is very familiar with the Bible, imitates the Jewish celebration of Sukkot during the first celebration of Thanksgiving. The Pirates fled from England in 1620 on Mayflower. As Bruce Feiler pointed out in his book, the American Prophet: Moses and the American Story, saw the Pirates themselves as New Israelis in New Israel. European refugee members from the continent of North America read the Bible in its original Hebrew.

The Continental community that defined the Pirates was taken directly from the Jewish concept of the Covenant in Mount Sinai. John Winthrop Massachusetts Bay Patagonia governor said, "We see that the God of Israel is among us, when 10 of us can resist thousands of enemies, when he makes us praise and glory, men will say of successful planting, and the Lord makes it likely of New England. "" Winthrop bumper sticker of the Bible Hebrew.

The Christian world of Sukkot is known as the Tabernacle Feast. Watching at the Sukkot Festival, and still for Jews, was a high point to celebrate the festivals starting with Rosh Hashanah.

The order on Sukkot is to be happy. The pilgrims were inspired by this and the concept of Jewish gratitude.

Thanksgiving is so much part of the Jewish prayer service that is reported daily, three times a day. Psalm 100, Thanksgiving Psalm, is part of the daily liturgy during the week.

One of the key elements of Jewish Thanksgiving is belief in a free will. Gratitude, the core value of Judaism, does not live alone, but rather it will be enhanced by the person's ability to control his own design. Amongst them from a more spiritual point of view, human beings were only created to be able to exercise a free will. God is not blameless for the bad decisions of the man.

It has been discussed for thousands of years about why God would let human beings make such bad decisions. Why do not we pray if we have a will to do the right thing or the wrong thing? Free will, in the Jewish context, is not the least minor inconsistent with the belief that God manages the growth of every grass of grass. Against the way, making decisions and giving thanks is the principle of a unitary definition of Jewish faith.

This Thanksgiving is just and proper that we acknowledge our will for nothing to do well or sorry and be grateful for the beneficiary given to us and a great nation.

We live in challenging times where the philosophy of the left and right wing merges merger as a common lawyer objecting to a tolerant society.

Recently known event for passengers flying a flight from New York to Israel. Israel Airline Airline, El Al, realized that he was unable to come to Israel before starting Saturday. He voted over 150 passengers away to Athens with no more than the clothes on their back so they would not travel on the Sabbath. One of the people on that trip who wrote about him recently in a blog was one of my daughter's teachers. The man wrote, for the first time in his life, to realize what the Sabbath was really supposed to be like. He spent the 25 hour period with strangers, sharing a room, but with a beautiful meal supplied by Chabad of Athens in collaboration with the hotel and El Al Airlines.

The Shabbat in Athens was a great Thanksgiving celebration held on Friday and most of the day on Saturday. Strangers and people of different denominations and religious sights sing with each other, pray with each other and enjoy a difficult time away from family and friends.

My daughter's teacher wrote in her blog that the desk clerk at the Athens hotel asked how these people could be so happy, dancing and singing, when they were so incredible. The wayled travelers did not have toothbrush or changing a shirt. The teacher tried to explain what it meant to enjoy God's grace in difficult circumstances. The people who came off the El Al trip to Israel to keep Shabot live the covenant with thanks and based on their will for free. Those elements co-exist and they clearly understood by our Pilgrim ancestors.

For all, regardless of race, religion, color, religion, the best for good health, happiness, peace, and above all, Thanksgiving thank you fill in with thanks, good friends and family.

Cliff Rieders is a Board Certified Trial Advocate at Williamsport, a former President of the Pennsylvania Trial Solicitors Association.

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