Thursday , May 26 2022

Palestinian Father from 6 Hebron areas


The Palestinian village of Halhul, who has located a kilometer to the north of Hebron in West Bank, mourns the death of Mahmoud Abu Asbah (48). Father six, construction contractor, was killed on Monday night when there was a rocket
thrown by militants from Caen Gaza hitting a building in Ashkelon.

"We have not yet told our little brother about the event," said Bashir, one of the six children of the victim. "He's 4 years old and he was very involved with dad."

Mahmoud Abu Asbah

Mahmoud Abu Asbah

Bashir said his father used to sleep in Israel every week and return home at weekends. "Yesterday, just a few hours before the event, I spoke to him and told me that the situation was very scared and dangerous and would like to return home until the end of the fight, but not could find a cabin. "

The son added that "before a dad went to sleep, he told me he would call us in the morning and let us know he had left Ashkelon. We were waiting for his call. We worried, we called him several times no one answered until we were told he had been killed by a leaflet. "

Monday at 23:49 a heavy barrage of rockets
from Gaza Throwing in Ashkelon. One of them strikes back to the back of a building in one of the city's older neighborhoods. The flat at the fourth floor, where Abu Asbah was waiting, suffered the most severe damage. As a result, the Palestinian contractor was killed and another woman who was in the moderate injuries flat suffered.

Rocked tile building (Photo: MCT)

Rocket hit building (Photo: MCT)

"We have four brothers and two sisters," said his son. "Three of our brothers are students. We're afraid to take my 4-year-old brother of a free cohort because he does not know that the father will return home in a coffin. Well to my dad, this morning he even told me, I'm losing my father and I'm happy he's coming home today. My mother does not stop crying, our lives are destroyed, we do not know how to deal with his death. "

In the case of the current round of fighting, the son said, "I hope that this war will end. My dad has Jewish friends and has been in good touch with everyone, we do not want others to go through & What we have been. It's very painful. "

Gennady Baskin, who was one of the first rescuers to reach the casualties in the house in Ashkelon, said: "I'm going up to the fourth floor and suddenly I heard move between the stones, I woke up a stone and then I saw someone's hand. I started digging and suddenly I saw a body. I turned the woman out of the rubble and was screaming a child, child, and I realized and I have to look for a child. Then the rescue forces came to me. "

This morning he arrived at Basque at Barzilai Hospital in the city because he felt sick. "I'm all dying and anxious, when I heard a siren, I do not know where to run and what happened with that child. He rushes through my head through the day . "

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