Wednesday , September 28 2022

Netanyahu: Transfer money to Hamas is the right step, I'll know how to draw the cost – Israel News


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, defended the recent deal of Israel with Qatar, enabling the latter to fund pays for Hamas officers.

"I can do what I can do in coordination with the southern communities to restore peace and prevent humanitarian crisis," said Netanyahu, adding, "right now, here is the right step For each step, without exception, there is a price. When you take action as a leader, there is always a price, if you can not pay the cost, you can not lead. "

Netanyahu also denied on Saturday any information that his lawyer and secretary, David Shimron, are about the pollution scandal known as a submarine relationship.

Israeli Police announced Thursday that they had found enough evidence to raise Shimron with facilitating bribery. The police also recommended charging for former prime minister of Netanyahu – David Sharan, former navy chief – Eliezer Marom, and two other ex-veterans on a similar bribery count on the issue of shipping vessels also known as Case 3000.

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In comments before going to Paris, Netanyahu discussed the matter for the first time since the police recommendations. "For two years I've been shown up and down a submarine. At first they said they knew, now they're saying & # 39 ; he did not know. As you know, there are no claims against me, "said Netanyahu. When asked if he had known that David Shimron had been touched in the relationship, the prime minister replied: "You know I did not know."

The prime minister also made efforts to meet Russia's President Vladimir Putin, whose office has not been unsuccessful in attempts to arrange a meeting between the two leaders. According to reports from Russia, Putin refused to meet Netanyahu in the forthcoming forum in Paris. Netanyahu said the conference organizers had asked both not to satisfy an addition, "I respect the force's request, and their application for unifying unilateral meetings was not."

The shipping ship connection as it is called turns around alleged corruption that deals with $ 2 billion to buy submarines and other knight shipping from the German shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp.

Michael Ganor, former representative of ThyssenKrupp's underwater ship in Israel, has turned the state's evidence into the case. Ganor had served in the navy with Brig. Gen. (res.) Avriel Bar-Yosef, who also recommended the police to pick up.

The police said evidence was insufficient to charge another Netanyahu attorney, Isaac Molho.

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