Friday , May 27 2022

John 5 Event I Guest In Gene Simmons Vault & # 39; in Las Vegas


JOHN 5 I Guest In Gene Simmons Vault & # 39; Event in Las Vegas

Before MARILYN MANSON and current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5 has announced that he will be a guest in Aberystwyth "Gene Simmons Vault" Event on December 2 at Pee By Mini Monster Golf in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He said: "Big news, I will be a Hotels in the @genesimmons trade in Las Vegas, 2nd December at the Monster Mini Golf in the Rio, 12.00 noon, it will be Epic @knightsinsatanservice"

John 5 is collected from KISS memorable and show this at @knightsinsatanservice Instagram page regularly.

"Gene Simmons Vault" gives fans the opportunity to meet Demon of KISS directly, get a personal item of archives themselves given by the man himself, listen to an exhibition of 50 year tunes and get signed items, pictures taken, and much more.

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Gene He started introducing copies of his / her new box in person, "Gene Simmons – The Vault Experience: 1966-2016", in January.

"Gene Simmons – The Vault Experience: 1966-2016" is a comprehensive box set of GeneIndividually packaged material. The set contains 150 songs that have not been restarted previously distributed over 10 discs, a picture book with leather, and Gene Simmons action figure, "In Gene We Trust" gold medal and "surprise item".

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Last year, John 5 – real name: John William Lowery – took partial credit for reconciliation Frehley a Gene Simmons in the past KISS The guitarist concert in February 2017 at Beverly Hills, California, stating the first time KISS Legends have been created since their induction in 2014 Rock And Roll Fame Hall.

John 5 he says Seattle Music Insider he "wanted to like KISS"when he started playing guitar first."[I] love KISS growing up, "he said." Who did not? " John 5 Disclosed in a separate interview with Digital Trends that KISS1977 classic "Love Gun" It was the first album that it was associated with. "It has a great cover. I love it. I was, like, From my God – these are an animal with a guitar!" I was so young afterwards. "

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