Tuesday , August 16 2022

Israeli settler, two teenagers set out to attack Palestinian olive farmers – Israel News


An Israeli settler and two teenagers were executed Thursday for assaulting Palestinians harvesting their olives near a settlement last month, following which a 72-year-old farmer from the village of Na’alin in the West Bank was injured ben.

The three – Nuriel Sharabi of the Ganei Modi’n settlement and two minors whose names cannot be announced – are accused of aggravated assault and violating a legal order.

The indictment, filed in Lod District Court, states that the accused threw large stones at a Palestinian family that harvested olives in the wadi near the settlements of Ganei Modi’in and Hashmonaim, in the central West Bank.

According to the indictment, they sprayed the harvesters with pepper spray and threw planks at them while shouting, “Sons of bitches, get out of here, go home” and “Leave” in Arabic.

The accused also threw stones at a nearby family member and sprayed the minors who were with her with pepper gas. One of the accused even grabbed one of the minors and hit him with a wooden plank, injuring his leg.

The attacker put Khalil Abdul-Hak Amira, 72, in a hospital in Ramallah for three days; he suffered a concussion and needed stitches on his head. According to the indictment, the area’s soldiers noticed the accused as they began to make their way towards the harvesters, but could not catch them. Two of the accused breached a restraining order keeping them out of the West Bank, and the two minors were breaking an order to stay away from each other. All the accused are now under house arrest.

The settlement of Hashmonaim is located next to the separation barrier, which separates it from Na’alin. Palestinians seeking to reach their lands near the settlement must pass through one of the agricultural entrances that allow them restricted access on certain days and during certain hours.

Amed’s cousin Abed, who was also attacked, told Haaretz that this was the first time he had been physically assaulted. “We harvest there every year and nothing like this has ever happened,” he said. “We know some of the residents of Hashmonaim who live near our plots and the relationship with them is fine; they were not those people. ”

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