Thursday , October 6 2022

Israel releases a suspected Palestinian assault sister


RAMALLAH (Ma) – Israel's military court decided to release Fayrouz Naalwa, 35, on Thursday, a Palestinian sister suspected of attacking shooting in the Barkan industrial area of ​​Israel. Ashraf Naalwa, who made the Barkan, was shot assault on October 7, leaving two of the Israelites killed. A lawyer of Addameer for prisoners Samer Samaan said Israel was awarded for releasing Fayrouz after spending 28 days remaining. He added that the court had also set a fine of 4500 Israeli ($ 1225) seals on Naalwa.Fayrouz, a university professor, being held on October 11, two days after the Israeli army kept family members to emphasize his brother to turn himself into the lawyer. The lawyer added that Fayrouz had made an intense quest for 20 hours a day, had been abused and threatened with psychological removal during the retention period. Fayrouz was denied the right to meet his solicitor for nine days. Israeli forces continue to conduct broadband searches for Ashraf, who have escaped the scene following a shooting attack; Israel had also taken Ashraf's family home measurements to prepare for demolition. As well as Fayrouz, Ashraf, a former former prisoner of Ashraf, Wafaa, is being held in Israel's prison, as well as his brother, Amjad, 33, also a former prisoner, in An attempt to emphasize Ashraf to turn himself into the Israeli army. The Israeli forces had also distributed and posted leaflets warning Tulkarem residents of helping Ashraf.
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