Friday , August 19 2022

IDF is destroying the Islamic tunnel of Jihad cross border, warning of further strikes on Gaza t


The Army strikes a cross-border Islamic tunnel Jihad, warns of further strikes in Gaza t

The army warns that it will expand strikes in the Gaza Strip if a rocket fire from the Palestinian inlet continues.

IDF spokesman Ronen Manelis says during retaliatory strikes, Israeli forces arrived at a tunnel excavated by Islamic Jihad who crossed the border into Israel.

“In recent weeks [Islamic Jihad] he has accelerated his excavation to achieve an attack, ”he said.

Manelis says that Hamas, the terrorist group that manages Gaza, works in cooperation with Islamic Jihad and that the IDF is striking targets linked to the two terrorist organizations.

He added that the army believed that five to six members of the group had been killed since yesterday when the IDF struck Hamas on the border in response to a sniper attack on Israeli troops.

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