Thursday , January 20 2022

How one of the world's largest banks turns to Ripple again


Ripple is at the heart of a new cross border payment service …

One of the largest banks in the world is using Ripple, as it turns to cryptocurrency for a newly published new pay service.

The MUFG Bank, which describes itself – is correct – like the main bank of Japan & # 39; (and only happens to be one of the largest ten banks worldwide), has revealed that he has signed a memorandum of understanding in terms of a new service cross border payment. He has dealt with a bank from a Ladin Ladin Bradesco, and both entities join the police, which will facilitate cross border payments between Japan and Brazil.

What's more, Ripple is a key element in the new deal. The operating system system is being developed by Ripple, and, according to the official announcement, "it will help banks as they work towards trading a fast cross border payment system, transparent and needy ".

This is an extension of an agreement that exists between the two banks, by the way, with a history of working with each other.

It also doubles down on Ripple's interest as well, something that MUG has stated before.

What is not yet clear is when the new payments service is ready and ready to operate. But when it arrives, it will strengthen and strengthen Ripple's reputation further and stand in the financial industry, and give a rest to the world crypto.

More news on the new service as we get it. You can also find the full text of this official announcement here.

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