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Cruise says that his AV has managed to complete 1,400 vulnerable handsets – TechCrunch


Vulnerable hand turns are difficult for robots and people alike. The complex variables of crossing in front of traffic coming towards you mean it is one of the toughest movers when driving. It's one of the toughest challenges to self-drive platforms – even more so because drivers are often looking for non-verbal cues from other drivers when she's safe crossing.

Cruise, Today, the self-driving department within General Motors released a video report that successfully completed 1,400 times of such within a 24-hour period. The test was carried out on the busy and hilly streets of San Francisco. Some of the examples on the video show that a vehicle goes into a crossroads carefully to wait for another vehicle to pass before turning the turn. Other times, the vehicle is definitely going into a turn without delay. Only four examples are shown, although Cruise requires them to have a video test of every 1,400. There are none of the videos showing the cruise vehicle navigating around pedestrian crossing.

“In an unpredictable driving environment such as SF, there are no two left unattended routes,” Kyle Vogt, A president and CTO, Cruise said in a released statement. “By operating 1,400 regularly, we generate enough data for our engineers to analyze them and incorporate them into the code they are developing for other difficult moves.”

Self-driving companies often rely on data collected from vehicles. Both cases will be successful or not providing the engineers with data that can be added to existing models to make future rides more successful. In this case, having completed 1,400 in a short time, it will give Cruise engineers a load to work with.

A cruise is permitted to test approximately 180 Generations 3 on public roads in Califorina. It did not specify how many vehicles were needed to complete this test.

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