Thursday , September 16 2021

"Churches must Stop Tithe Collection, Old Testament Exercise"

Churches should give up the tithe as this is the Old Testament practices prescribed specifically by God to the Israelites, says Prophet Prince Wonderful.

The Wonderful Prophet last week told The Religion Mail Religion that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ had disappeared with the "old roads" as a tithe.

The Wonderful Prophet said he did not collect tithes and equipment, adding that preachers use these to make money. He said preachers relied on Malachi 3:10 to take money from alliances.

The verse reads: "Bring the entire tithe into the store, there may be food in my house. Test me in this regard, & # 39; says Lord Almighty, and see if I do not throw the floods of heaven and pour such a blessing that there will not be enough room to store. "

However, the Wonderful Prophet said the context of this verse with Malachi 1: 1, which says, "Prophets: The Word of the Lord to Israel through Malachi."

The preacher – whose church has no name but does "collect collective heirs" – said that Jesus had not survived decades but that people were ready to support his ministry.

He referred to Luke 8: 1-3 who says, "After this, Jesus traveled from one town and village to the other, announcing the good news of the kingdom of God, with the Twelve with him, and also Some women who were recovering from ghosts and bad diseases: Mair (from the name Magdalene) from whom seven salmon have come out, Joanna's wife Chuza, Herod's home manager, Susanna, and many other people. These girls help to support them out of their own methods. "

The Wonderfriend Prophet said, "I have never collected any tithe or offerings since 2013. This is the true gospel since Jesus never preached that we were paying tithes; that was Jewish practice. Jews but we are Nation to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"Paul wrote in Ephesians 2 heading 11-16 in the Evangelists who were referred to those who were not Jews as Gentiles or unclean, but Jesus Christ changed the game as everyone who believes in the Son of God is the heir of the kingdom.

"If we are Christ's followers, why should we keep the teachings of tithe and equipment of the Old Testament? The true gospel is that shepherds should not survive decades but of deliberate support from those who want to support the gospel."

The Wonderful Prophet also claimed that baptism with water used the Old Testament that ended with the coming of Christ, which said John the Baptist who was baptized with the Spirit.

He also said that Holy Communion was no longer relevant because the crossing of Jesus' body represents the bread and wine.

"It is also wrong to say that such a founder is a church because Jesus Christ is the one who began the Church. When Jesus calls someone to serve, the main focus should be pushing his agenda.

"We should not focus on being the presidents or the founders of churches, this is where self-glory is derived from it. This is how many starters refer to themselves as spiritual fathers," said the Wonderful Prophet.

Other preachers disagreed with these views.

Pastor Morgan Moyo of the New Gospel Administrations stated that there was nothing to throw on, explaining: "There is no difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament. We use & # 39; The Bible generally. Tithe is still relevant as God's principles remain relevant to this day. "

Another clerk noted that Jesus, in Matthew 5: 17-18, says, "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or Prophets; I have not abolished, but to achieve it. Because I tell you the truth, until the sky and the earth pass, one jot, not a stroke, will not disappear from the Law until everything is done "- state media

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