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AP refreshments came during the Gaza protest


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Made in a Press-Related theory that lets you relieve on Monday with a demonstration in the Northern Gaza Strip, witnesses and medical officers.

Rashed Rashid, 47, was hit in the leg during a weekly protest protest near the Israeli border. Doctors said he had suffered multiple bone cuts above the ankle and would need surgery.

Witnesses said it was about 600 meters (1,969 feet) of the fence, far from the protesters. He operated a living camera on a high area overlooking the protest and wearing a blue helmet and a brown protective bag with the word "PRESS" written in white.

Colleagues said the fire appeared coming from the Israeli side of the border. The Israeli military said he was investigating the incident.

Najib Jobain, senior AP producer in Gaza, said he was talking to Rashid when he was shot.

"While with me on the line, I heard him shouting I hit, I hit," said Jobain, who said that Rashid told him that the protest ended and it was going to block the transfer.

Majed Hamdan, the AP driver, was working with Rashid and was collecting tools to load in the vehicle as the protest expires. "I started putting some of the things in the car when I heard Rashed screaming," he said.

For almost eight months, the managers of Hamas Gaza have carried out mass demonstrations that have been covered and threaten to storm the border to emphasize Israel to eliminate an erroneous blockage. Some Palestinians have broken the security fence or have crossed the territory of Israel.

Over 170 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds have been injured, while at least two Israeli troops have been killed.

Israel accuses Hamas of jeopardizing civilians by using displays as a cover to attack on the stage. He says he only opens fire when needed and has come under a trap of rockets.

Leaders in the Gaza say that many Palestinians killed have been unarmed.

Rashid has worked for the AP since 2002.

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