Thursday , May 26 2022

Allies Netanyahu say new elections on the way


Binyamin Netanyahu and Tzachi Hanegbi

Binyamin Netanyahu and Tzachi Hanegbi


Close consents to First Minister Netanyahu envisage new road elections following the resignation of the Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman on Wednesday.

"We're going to elections, we have to set the date," said Tzachi Hanegbi Regional Co-ordinating Minister 103FM on Fridays. "There are considerations here and there. In any case, the term of office of this government will not belong."

Hanegbi's comments were echoed by Tourism Minister, Yariv Levin, who also predicted the end of the government term. "All coalition partners will have to make a decision early this week if they want to move on to the elections," said Levin.

"Bennett's wish to serve in one role or legally is legal, but the discussion should be of a dialogue and an order does not specify"

Bennett will meet Prime Minister Netanyahu on Friday in what could be a last attempt to avoid new elections.

It is expected that Bennett will repeat to the prime minister that he will withdraw the Jewish Home from the coalition if he is not appointed minister of defense. Bennett currently serves as Education Minister and Minister for Diaspora Affairs.

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